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About the Program

GCPA is proud of our women in the electric power industry outreach program – emPOWERing Women, originally launched in 2013. In keeping with GCPA’s emphasis on providing superior educational and networking opportunities for our diverse membership, an increased focus on encouraging and empowering the development of women in our industry is a critical and logical next step in our industry outreach programming. By utilizing our existing college scholarship program and the relationships we have developed with Texas universities and technical colleges as a springboard for this much-needed group, emPOWERing Women will:

  • Actively offer opportunities for support, development and networking to women currently working in the electric power industry; and

  • Proactively encourage and inspire younger women pursuing technical degrees to consider careers in the electric power arena.

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2018 emPOWERing Women Committee

Committee Chair:
Resmi Surendran, Shell