Event Details - GCPA emPOWERing Women June 2017 Workshop

"Empowering an Inclusive Workplace" - Workshop Speaker: Jennifer Rochelle, Energy Consultant and Certified Life Coach

6/21/2017 2:00:00 PM
LCRA Redbud Center, 3601 Lake Austin Blvd., Austin, TX 78703
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Have you ever silently but uncomfortably witnessed political incorrectness while at work?  Have you ever been at a loss as to how to respond to an inappropriate joke?  Have you ever skipped applying for a promotion because you didn’t meet 100% of the qualifications?  Have you ever failed to negotiate your salary before accepting a job?  Do you consistently overuse exclamation points in your emails?

Join energy consultant and certified life coach, Jenni Rochelle, for an informative, eye-opening and uplifting afternoon exploring what can be emotionally-charged subjects in a safe and (she promises!) light-hearted environment.  
Recommended reading:  
Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace  
by Jessica Bennett


2:00 PM - Check-In/Registration Opens

2:30 PM - Part I: Finding the Middle Path (1 hour)
We’ve all been there.  We’ve all experienced those uncomfortable moments when a co-worker makes a comment that is inappropriate or downright offensive.  Often, we are caught off guard and go into “fight or flight” mode.  Either we say nothing (and then kick ourselves for being a coward later) or we react so strongly that we are dismissed as being too sensitive.  This workshop will show you how to respond in a productive way that promotes inclusivity and without compromising your own values.  You will walk away from this workshop with a thought-out, rehearsed response that will allow you to respond in an empowered and inclusive way.  There will be role play.  You will laugh hysterically.  Guaranteed.

3:30 PM - Part II: Getting Out of Our Own Way (1 hour)
From body language to negative self-talk to negotiation skills to a tendency to overuse exclamation points in emails, we often undermine our own careers due to a lack of self-confidence and an overriding need to please.  This portion of the workshop will identify how we get in our own way and in the way of other women.  You will walk away from this workshop empowered to become your own PR expert.  We all do some of this.  You are not alone.  Guaranteed.

ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Jenni Rochelle is a Senior Energy Consultant with Customized Energy Solutions, a certified life coach and yoga teacher. Jenni has spent over twenty years in the energy industry and once got sent home from work for not wearing pantyhose. She is also a writer, freedom fighter and mother of three boys. 

Please note that registration closes at 12 noon Tuesday, June 20th. If registration is closed, walk-in registrants are welcome on a space-available basis at the event. There will be a $5 surcharge for walk-in registrants.

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Location Details

LCRA Redbud Center, Room 108
3601 Lake Austin Blvd., Austin, TX 78703

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